We cherish every achievement

Welcome to the Alyce Hatch Center

What parents are saying...

"The people that are involved are spectacular. They are our friends."

"I love how much our child enjoys his time there and how well it works.
The speech group is fun and makes him think about words, sounds,
syllables, etc."

"I think Bev, Lisa, Karla, Paula, Carol, and everyone else are doing great.
My child is not the same as she was when we first began the program."

"Great! Very helpful, compassionate, and energetic teachers."

"Early childhood ed has been such a blessing to our family and our child."

"It is a wonderful environment. He really enjoys his classroom and all the
teachers and specialists."

"I think that you provide a wonderful program - Thank you!"

"My daughter has made tremendous strides socially, as well as emotionally and physically."

"I couldn’t be more impressed or pleased with the one-on-one with every child and how each is known as an individual…"

"We truly appreciate all that you do to help our children."